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Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your order via mail ID

Can cancel within 2 hr of booking.

You cannot cancel order after travel of material.

All claims for loss, non-delivery or misdelivery must be received by H P COURIER & LOGISITC P LTD. in writing within 30 working days after the Shipment is accepted by H P COUIER. 

H P COUIER will only accept claims filed by the Sender unless the Sender provides written permission to accept the claim by the Recipient

Refund Policy

Cancellation charges would be deducted an amount of 50% per order.

Any refund will be placed before 30 days from the placing of order.

If you have insured with HP Courier & logistic Pvt. Ltd. then you will be eligible for the amount. This criteria covers only damage or missing complain registered on same day if delivery.